Terms of use

These General Contracting Conditions will apply to all transactions made on the virtual platform of DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, kekaskey.com, being the owner of the DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD domain with address at Vasileos Evagorou, 2, KALMBY COURT, Flat / Office 101 , 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus.

The hiring of services in kekaskey.com presupposes in any case the acceptance of the general conditions.

This contract is governed by Cypriot law. The parties agree to submit for the resolution of any controversy, conflict, or claim arising from this contract to the courts and tribunals of Cyprus, as it is the place of conclusion of the contract and provision of advisory services and machinery search object of this contract.

Information and Exclusions

1. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD uses its best efforts to ensure that the information on this website is correct and up-to-date. The images provided in the sections of the products are merely descriptive and indicative and may be different from reality, DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD not being responsible for the fact that it does not fully conform to the final product.

2. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may exist on the page.

3. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD cannot control the use that the user gives to the information, and therefore will not be responsible for any type of damage, whether direct or indirect, that may derive from or be connected to the use of said information. information.

4. In no case will the rights that as a consumer may legally correspond to the client of DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD be affected.

5. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD cannot review and has not reviewed all the web pages linked to it, because it is not responsible for their content.

6. The risks derived from consulting such linked web pages correspond exclusively to users, who must be governed by the terms and conditions of use of the consulted web pages.

7. Buyers are responsible for the information they provide when choosing a merchandise: if the address is not correct, DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD is not responsible if the order cannot be delivered correctly. The orders will only be effective once the payment has been confirmed by the buyer following the channels reflected on the Web. To make a change or suggestion in the order, the customer must send an email to info@kekaskey.com

8. The products offered are limited according to the stocks available in the companies with which DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD has a business relationship. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD fulfills an advisory and search function through the web portal kekaskey.com for the purchase at the best price of merchandise for the hospitality industry, as well as for other business-type activities. If they run out of stock, DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD has no responsibility for the delay of the product. Since this same would respond to the nature of normal response in Stock on the part of the company of exit of the product. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD undertakes to advise the client on the best machinery suitable to it, depending on the business and / or activity to be carried out by it.

9. Ordering an order implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale. Therefore, the buyer will not impose conditions contrary to the seller, unless they have been expressly accepted, regardless of when they are brought to their attention. The fact that, at some point, the buyer does not impose one or more of these general conditions, does not imply that he waives his right to impose the condition or conditions later.

10. Any content or information directed to this website by any means will be considered confidential and non-public in nature, so it will not be disseminated and / or used by third parties for commercial or fraudulent purposes. Do not direct to this web page or from it any type of content or information that is illegal, intimidating, defamatory, slanderous, insulting, obscene, scandalous, provocative, pornographic, irreverent or any other that could give rise to civil or criminal liability in the territory to which this website refers.

11. The brands and logos that appear on this website are trademarks of DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, and of third parties, both registered and unregistered. Therefore, they cannot be used in any type of advertisement or other advertising material related to the distribution of any information or content extracted from this website without the prior written consent of the owner of the brand.

12. Applicable prices and taxes: the prices applicable to each product are (except for typographical errors) those that appear on the website at the time of the order. These prices indicated on this website correspond to the final price of the product, whose freight and taxes are included within the final reflected price. Therefore, the client will know at all times the price of the products that appear on the Web. Except for it, are the Balearic Islands that will have a Transport supplement, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Mellila that the client will have to pay the cost of the tariffs when passing customs through merchandise. In which case you can never pass on DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD as a liability.

13. DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates on the information contained on this website or in its configuration and presentation.

14. The user will refrain from reproducing, copying, selling or exploiting in any way the total or partial content of kekaskey.com without prior authorization from DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD. Any fraud or abuse committed in this regard may be subject to administrative or judicial prosecution.

Guarantee of our products

kekaskey.com corporate name: DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD at Vasileos Evagorou, 2, KALMBY COURT, Flat / Office 101, 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus, contact email info@kekaskey.com. All items offered on kekaskey.com, are purchased directly from the manufacturers, so they are covered by this Warranty *.

What does the warranty cover?

DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, offers a 1-year parts guarantee for all products sold through its website kekaskey.com, under the following conditions:

The right to guarantee corresponds only to the client and cannot be transferred, so the guarantee will only be valid if the client is the holder of the invoice.
The guarantee covers for 1 year from the date of the Invoice, the replacement of the defective component, excluding labor, subsisting the guarantee that each supplier gives us, reverting it to our client.
The customer will notify the defective components, due to manufacturing defect, to DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, by means of an email message to info@kekaskey.com.
The warranty does not cover the misuse given by the user, as well as the damage resulting from a bad installation. They are not covered by this guarantee: glass, hardware, lamps, and electrical components.
The guarantee does not cover in any case the change of the appliance or machine, only defective spare parts will be replaced.
Cases such as: Product deficiencies due to errors of use, for not following the instructions, inappropriate or misunderstanding, due to lack of maintenance, due to the use of parts not belonging to the original of the manufacturer, for attempt to repair by the user, products with deviations from normal conditions, being irrelevant to the usability of the product.
Defective parts will be returned to the manufacturer's address.
Transportation and labor costs derived from shipping and repairing both pickup and delivery merchandise will be borne by the customer.
In the event that the client wants to send the machinery for repair to the Technical service associated with DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, the client will communicate it by email to atencionpostventa@kekaskey.com, once communicated, and after our agreement the client can send the merchandise for repair, defective parts will be replaced, always being the transport to and from our client.
The data on the repair period is not binding, unless there was an agreement with a written end date.
DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, will not be responsible for the damages caused to food products due to deterioration caused by faults or manufacturing defects.
DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, when a warranty repair is to be carried out, will in no case leave another machine on loan to replace it during the repair period.
To make use of the guarantee, the presentation of the invoice certifying the acquisition will be essential.

The Guarantee will lose its value

If some of the information on it or the purchase receipt is modified, altered or replaced.
If the identification number or the device itself is manipulated or repaired, guaranteed without the knowledge of the Technical Service.
If you lack the invoice or proof of purchase of machinery DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD.


DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, in no case will be responsible for the damages caused by the transport, you can only claim the transport company as long as:

The customer has indicated on the delivery note the situation of blow on the packaging or, where appropriate, indicates "Pending Review". The delivery note is the proof of the state of the merchandise, therefore, the consignee is obliged to state on the delivery note if the shipment is damaged and if the shipment is not complete.
The client communicates this circumstance to DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the shipment.
The customer receives a broken or defective product due to transportation.
The transport company will not accept claims if there is no claim in the delivery notes of the same and if the due claim has not been made in writing within 24 hours of the delivery of the same.
DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, does not accept changes or returns, unless:
The client receives an erroneous shipment of merchandise by DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD. As long as the client communicates this circumstance to DAROKABEK SOLUTIONS LTD, within a period of 24 hours from the date of receipt of the shipment.
To make a change or a return it is essential to have the original packaging, in case of not having it, such change or return cannot be carried out.
Im return